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For me there is no better way to live than doing good while doing well. I view my mission is to leave a positive footprint and to find creative ways of being a positive contributor to society. Doing good is awesome but mobilizing with others and having an even bigger impact is even better. All around you there is opportunity for you to do good. For me I have several causes that motivate me to make a difference and I would encourage you to search out how you can be a force for good in your local community.


About Des Hague

DesHagueDes Hague, co-founder of Hague Enterprises, is an acclaimed executive manager in the global retail food industry who is renowned as an inspirational speaker. Through his “client-centric” strategy, which is focusing on core principals and streamlining the organization to better serve its customers, companies grown under his leadership saw improved earning performance in spite of the global economic recession and received world-renowned status. Most importantly, for over a decade, Des has been raising money and awareness for countless charities and non-profit organizations.

Over the years, Hague has been actively involved in organizations that serve local communities. Hague’s efforts have helped raise in excess of one hundred million dollars that goes directly to supporting hundreds of thousands of people in need!

Hague currently sits on the board of the Stamford Youth Foundation that offers multiple programs to children within the community, provides scholarships for underprivileged students and focuses on developing their health, confidence and teamwork skills. A few notable organizations that Des had been involved with include Lessons for Life, which funds education for children in some of the poorest countries; The Journey Home, which is centered on preventing and ending homelessness; Juma Ventures, whose mission is to end the poverty cycle by supporting the education and work goals of youth across the USA; and Children’s Home Society, which houses and aids women and children who are suffering from abuse.

This site highlights worthy causes and hopefully encourages people to help make a difference and to be a force for good.