A National Day of Racial Healing on January 17 Will Help Americans Overcome Racial Divisions

January 17th has been announced as the day for racial healing. However, I hope that this is not just one day that is being dedicated to this cause. This needs to be seen as the first day in a long battle to finally overcome one of our nations biggest issues. We do not need to re litigate the past. We need to be aware of it but we more importantly need to solve for the future.

It is time we put the rhetoric aside and work on making meaningful and impactful changes to our socio economic policies that have failed so many for decades. We do not need to play the blame game let so many want. We do not need to line the pockets of the hate mongers has we seek solutions. We should bench those who only sell fear and hatred. What we need right now is to come together and solve for a better future.

With the swearing in our 45th president on January 20th I hope that we as civic leaders can come together and make the necessary changes. It is no longer acceptable to provide hand outs that perpetuate a life of dependency. We need to provide a hand up to those in our community’s are in need and who want a better, safer and more prosperous future.

It should not matter what a persons political affiliation is. We need to provide a solid education for all, a safe place to learn for all and a living environment that once and for all changes the arc of poverty, crime and incarceration.

Please reach out to your local leaders and get involved. This is not some one else’s responsibility. It is ours. Let’s not hope for a better outcome. Let’s roll up our sleeves and deliver one. From my perspective, this should be our generations “put a man on the moon” moment. Let’s not squander it.

Here’s to creating a better future and being a positive force for good.


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