Was forwarded this from the founder. A great way for everyone to make a difference in the world. Help if you can. Onwards!dh

Dear Future “Socker”

I’m thrilled to share the launch of my new company called Sock Problems! We are out to sock the world’s problems by selling altruistic, cause-centric socks. What makes us different is that we will be giving 25-50% of our revenue to selected charity partners. This means $5, $7, or $10 on every $20 sock we sell.

Every decision we make runs through the following four core values:

The very fabric of Sock Problems is to give when customers receive. Our model is unique to other giving platforms: the more we sell, the more we’ll sock.
We know you demand authenticity. We have aligned with Charity Navigator who reports how proceeds are responsibly utilized by our charity partners.
What if we truly sock a world problem? To be a giving company is one thing. To make a true impact and dwindle down a problem is what we strive for.
Many of the problems we’re socking are heavy. Our socks aspire to be a beacon of positivity, making it easy for people going through difficult circumstances to congregate and celebrate their impassioned beliefs.

Let the Socking Begin!
In a time of disarray, we believe the country needs a company like Sock Problems. Although many of our problems seem daunting, we hope that through 1) caring, 2) wearing, and 3) sharing ….Sock Problems makes it easy for each of us to do our part and give back.

Whenever you’re ready, head over to our site and let’s get socking!

– Ryan

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