This week a good friend of mine introduced me to a cause that needs help and attention. In my opinion it is also one of the most worthy; helping our veterans. Right now we have 4.6 million vets have a service related physical disability and a staggering 7.6 million veterans are affected by PTSD. Additionally, one million veterans experience low vision and hearing loss that affects their ability to perform daily activities.

Americas VetDogs is an organization that trains dogs to serve veterans and help them in their day to day life. The task and expense is not small. To effectively train a dog it takes over two years of one on one training and costs over $50,000 to breed, raise and train each dog for the specific disability of the veteran they serve. However, this cost pales in comparison to the sacrifice that each veteran has already given for their country.

Our goal is to immediately raise $3 million dollars annually. I am honored to participate in this program and in the coming months we will be launching bold plans to insure that every veteran is given the support they so need and deserve. In the meantime please check out the and think about how you and your organization can make a difference. Thank you in advance.




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