Eradicate Poverty

Great article on eradicating poverty that has a real impact.

Young Leader Making A Difference

This week I was introduced to a young entrepreneur who has developed an awesome product line up and has great potential to develop her offering in to a meaningful brand. Even though still in start up mode the founder is equally committed to giving back to causes that...

Maximize Your Giving

For anyone interested in making sure that your Giving gets in to the hands of those who need it most check out the report attached. The charity donation websites that take a cut of your kindness: The hidden transaction and processing fees – and why you should...

Check out Your Next Cause

Donate to the Vets 4 Vets fund at Also the site offers many other causes that you may have an interest in supporting. I great way to make a difference on the things that matter to you. Thank you for being a force for good. Onwards! Dh