Giving to charity is one of the most gratifying experiences, but not everyone has the time or the money to give as much as they’d like. Thanks to some innovative givers now everyone can make a difference in people lives. These are some of the best apps to make giving to charity a little bit easier.



GoodShop is a new web app from the same people that brought us GoodSearch. The company works with thousands of different charities and every time you buy something from one of their partner companies GoodShop gives half of their commission to these charities.


Charity Miles

Hopefully you are being active regularly for your own health, but if you find yourself making excuses too often Charity Miles will force you to think about all the people you are letting down by staying on the couch. The app tracks how many miles you run, bike or walk and then their corporate sponsors will give to a charity of your choice.


One Today

There are hundreds of amazing charities throughout the world but many would-be givers don’t know how to research charities and give small amounts of money. Google is making that easier now with their app One Today which shows you a new charity everyday. The app also shows you where your money would go and makes it easy for you to give a small amount of money.

i-can-go-without-appI Can Go Without

Take a look at how much money you spend on those little daily luxuries like that $5 coffee or that hamburger you could have prepared yourself. If you have, you’ve realize you could save a lot of money. Maybe that is not enough motivation, but for those with a penchant for helping others I Can Go Without makes it easier to give the money you save to charity.


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