This week I was asked what I stand for and how would I best describe myself? It’s a great question and not a simple one to address. Where do you start? However, when I boil it down and look back at my life I hope people will state that I cared and did so consistently, no matter what other demands were placed on me. We all can get get passionate about things, talk about what we would like to do or should do when we see injustice or wrong. However, caring to me is much more than talking about doing things. It’s about doing something about it. It could be hosting meetings to raise awareness and funds for the local community or donating your time to be a force for good or simply coming through for a friend when you know they are in need. To me the later is the absolutely most important.

When I am asked for help and commit I will follow through. Delivering on your word should never be optional. My challenge to you this week is to review your network and reach out and show people that you care. It will make someones day and make yours at the same time. #care



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