Help Locally

With over forty million additionally Americans losing their jobs due to CORVID-19 in recent weeks, now more than ever is a time to help those affected living in your communities affected. Pease take a moment and see how you can make a difference be it through the...

Salt and Light Coalition.

Was introduced to this traffic cause this week. Salt and Light Coalition is a consortium of volunteers that leverages the power of trauma sensitive yoga, fitness, nutrition and spirituality to support women victimized by sex trafficking in their healing and empower...

How Are You Going To DO Good In 2020?

How do you plan to be a force for good and actually do good in 2020? There are so many ways for you to have a positive impact. Give some thought, check out the local and national causes or the ones that you feel are important to you. The act and do something. If we...

American Cancer Society

If you are looking for a worthy cause to support please give ACS a series look. They do amazing work and your help will do immediate good. Check out how at Thank you for making a difference. Onwards! dh

Charitable Giving Strategies

Excellent article re Strategies for Charitable Giving this Holiday Season