In March of 2015 Des Hague was humbled to be named Stamford Youth Foundation’s latest Board Member. See the press release below:


STAMFORD, CT – Stamford Youth Foundation (SYF) is pleased to announce that Des Hague, former CEO of Centerplate, the largest event hospitality company in North America, has been named as the foundation’s latest board member. Hague’s primary responsibility in addition to serving on the board will be to chair the Corporate Donations Fundraising. Hague has spent years assisting many not for profit causes globally and has been instrumental in raising hundreds of million dollars for worthy causes.

Hague: “SYF is a cause that is and near and dear to me and one that I have participated in for a few years. It does excellent work in the community and one that I am proud to dedicate my time and resources. Our organization provides invaluable opportunities by providing organized team activities along with financial assistance to boys and girls in the community who otherwise would not have the opportunity to participate. I look forward to working with local leaders to insure our community affords every child this opportunity.”

“Des Hague has been very active in our community and we are delighted to have someone of his experience and caliber furthering our efforts,” states Tony Spadaccini, of the SYF.

About SYF

SYF is a 501(c) 3, not for profit organization that operates programs to serve the youth of Stamford CT, their parents and the community at large. All SYF officers, coaches and directors are volunteers.

SYF receives donations and grants from organizations and individuals to help subsidize its programs. These donations primarily fund the financial scholarships for participants that could not otherwise afford the programs. Making our programs available to all of the town’s youth is core to SYF’s mission. SYF also relies upon the Stamford’s public facilities such as parks, ball fields and schools to offer our programs. These facilities are made available to SYF and its participants at no cost (except for custodians at some locations) by the City of Stamford.

SYF’s directors and officers believe that SYF is accountable to its constituents and supporters. These include financial donors, various branches of the Stamford’s city government, (i.e. Board of Recreation, Board of Education, Police, Fire, Youth Services), participants, volunteers, coaches &instructors, and parents. As an organization, SYF strives to minimize administrative costs and utilize funds directly in its programs. SYF’s financial results are audited by the independent accounting firm of O’Conner, Davies, Munns & Dobbins. For further information on our financial results, contact our treasurer, Gary Shannon at

Financial Contributions to SYF

If you or your organization would like to contribute to SYF, contact Gary Shannon. All donations to SYF are tax deductible to the extent that no value is received in return. We welcome and appreciate these donations. They are important to achieving our goals of providing scholarships to all in need while maintaining affordable fees for the remainder of the participants.

About Des Hague

Des Hague is a seasoned executive with over 25 years experience leading large and global companies. He has deep ties to Stamford and has been actively involved for years with numerous not for profit causes that has aided tens of thousands of people annually.


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