Des Hague Welcomed as Latest Member of DVEtelepresence Board

Des Hague Welcomed as Latest Member of DVEtelepresence Board

STAMFORD, CT – Co-founder of Colorado-based investment company AEGIS LLC, Des Hague was announced as the latest board member of communication and technology provider DVEtelepresence. The founder of the DVEtelepresence, Steve McNelly is excited to have a specialist of Hague’s caliber on board and optimistic that his input will prove to be beneficial for the company: “His track record is second to none and we are all excited about working with him and growing our various bleeding-edge innovations to their fullest true potential.”

Des Hague is thrilled to work with DVEtelepresence, “DVEtelepresence is something we are very excited about. I have spent the last 25+ years pushing for innovation and technology to drive profitable growth and expand core services and products in the numerous companies I have been involved with. DVEtelepresence epitomizes how technology can measurably enhance the total experience.”

Telepresence is the utilization of VR (virtual reality) technology enabling users to participate in distant events or operate machinery remotely. According to Hague, the telecommunication company personifies the true measure of its industry: “DVEtelepresence epitomizes how technology can measurably enhance the total experience. It is blazing new frontiers in telecommunication and event production as was witnessed by the spectacular hologram presentation that enabled Stephen Hawking’s to be teleported recently at the Sydney Opera House to rave reviews.”

Launched in 2000 by Steve McNelly, DVEtelepresence focuses on the development of disruptive technologies for holographic broadcasts automated by virtual conferencing. It has provided a range of telepresence solutions for industries such as healthcare, government organizations, and distance learning to name a few [source:]. Hague emphasizes his interest in working with the innovative provider, “There is nothing like it out there and I thoroughly look forward to aiding in the strategic direction, working with a tremendously talented management team that Steve has assembled, and ultimately the full commercialization of the breakthrough company in the years ahead.”

Des Hague is the current co-founder of AEGIS, LLC, a Colorado based consulting and investment company focused on fueling start ups, turnarounds and running mature businesses across all business sectors. Hague most recently was the former CEO and President of food, beverage and merchandise corporation, Centerplate Inc, the largest event hospitality company in North America. Previously, Hague held positions such as Operating Partner at Kohlberg & Company LLC, President of IHOP Restaurants at Dine Equity Inc, President of Perishables of Safeway Inc, Chief Executive Officer and President of Hot Stuff Foods LLC, Vice President of Fresh Food Merchandising at 7-Eleven Inc, and Vice President of Strategic Marketing of Commercial Business Unit of Maytag Inc. Hague also held a variety of marketing and management positions at PepsiCo’s Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC restaurant divisions in Europe and at Whitbread PLC, as well as a number of board positions in the restaurant industry. In the course of his career, Hague and companies he has led have received multiple awards in recognition of his unprecedented performance, including best product, best packaging, IT project of the year , training development program of the year, “No. 1 NFL Experience” by Stadium Journey, “Best Food and Beverage” by Convene Magazine, and “No. 1 in MLS for ‘America’s Best Stadium Food'” by Travel + Leisure Magazine among others.

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