Over the past few weeks we have seen many in our communities come together to aid those in need as they were hit by hurricanes. Check out the many causes that have been set up to see how you can make a difference. The Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, United Way etc and so many other worthy causes.

These disasters have unfortunately also brought out the worst in some. Many looters have picked places like Footlocker dry. There can be no case made that disaster victims need the latest pair of Jordan sneakers or a 42″ television or stereo. These actions are a travesty.

Equally, vile are the numerous retailers who have been taking advantage of the situation and selling bottle water etc for 20X normal prices. I help line as been set up 1-866-no-scam to identify these rogue retailers. Please pass this on to your network so no one gets away with these type of practices.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all impacted.


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