Give and

This week I was made aware of a very pressing cause, a major organ shortage for transplants and especially kidneys. is working to fix this issue.

For background, in 1972 it was enacted in to law by President Nixon that every American has the right to dialysis treatment. At the time death panels were apparently deciding who had access to a dialysis machine. Those unlucky ones not approved were given a death sentence. At the time who could disagree with the gesture?

What you may not is know that this service now takes up one full percent of the federal budget. Now, let’s put that amount in to perspective, two percent of the federal budget funds our entire education system. Surely the treatment of kidney patients should not cost half as much as our entire education system?

While our politicians are challenged to review this and associated costs we can all help by making the most noble of after life gestures; donate our kidneys. After all, the need for dialysis machines exist because people are waiting for transplants in the first place. We fill this pipeline of organ donors and we can make these funds available for other priority issues. Take a moment and think how you can help others. Go to and sign up and see how you can help give someone the gift of life. It gets no more noble than that.


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