Corporate social responsibility, which is also known as “corporate conscience” or “responsible business,” is a concept that millennial employees emerging into the workplace are inquiring about, even at the early stages of the interview process. The acronym commonly used for corporate social responsibility (CSR), is centered around charitable functions or other forms of philanthropy within the standards of national or international law.

In addition to employees and often times consumers agreeing that CSR should be achieved while business goals are met, various researchers within the field of charity confirm that corporate social responsibility is also a catalyst for other positive outcomes. These positive outcomes include consumers’ willingness to spend money on a certain brand’s products, increased loyalty from employees and rising company trust altogether.

The rise of corporate social responsibility programs in the private sector has somewhat changedglobal citizenship the status quo within the interview process. Millennials undergoing the interview process have shown increased interest in terms of exactly how their potential employer actively engages charity along with their day to day business goals.

In other words, these emerging employees are essentially shaping the two way conversation during the interview by asking questions about the company, brand or organization’s philanthropic work. In order to gain a better understanding of the employer’s charitable stance, be sure to ask the following questions during your interview:

Money Management
Once you have asked the initial question regarding how the company exactly addresses charity, pay close attention to the key points highlighted by the interviewer. Absorbing the information in relation to whether or not the entity matches funds, works with a different charity every year or participates in different fundraising campaigns are important to know moving forward. Also, inquiring about hard numbers of exactly what amount the employer gives on either annual, semi-annual, or seasonal basis is also a useful question to ask.

Moreover, asking what percentage of the company’s pre-tax profits it donates to a certain cause or charity is a solid benchmark to be aware of throughout the process. Around one percent of pre-tax profits is the ideal number to keep an eye for to examine how much the company cares about their philanthropic side. Another great question to keep in mind is to perhaps inquire about how the employer arrives at decisions about philanthropy on an internal level.

Volunteer Opportunities
As you delve deeper into the interview process, be sure to ask about various volunteer opportunities and pro bono entitlement on a month to month basis. The average pro bono entitlement of a company that projects a solid interest in maintaining its philanthropic stance is roughly a half day to a full day a month. To better understand the workplace culture on a broader level, make sure to ask a follow up question regarding percentage uptake to learn more about the company policy across the board.

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