Putting people First

Forty three percent of American children live in a family that can barley afford to feed or need their basic needs. Over five point two million toddlers under the age of three are not getting their daily nutritional needs. Can you believe these statistics? I know I can not. How can this be true and happening in the worlds richest nation?

The reality is that our cost of living is skyrocketing. Health insurance for the majority of families is now the largest single monthly expense. Unemployment in the inner cities is at an all time high and violence and murder in many higher still. There are many things we hope the new administration can do to address this in the years to come. The reality is that this is not a short term fix. We need to do something on the meantime.

We need to first and foremost insure that the basic needs of those in our country are secured prior to helping others. I hope you look at helping those in your own community. In the meantime I am focusing my efforts exclusively on helping our children, our veterans who have fought to secure our way of life, those at risk of abuse and for the homeless and others In need in our communities. Let’s make sure that our citizens are aided prior to anyone and anything else.

If we focus we can be an unbelievable force for good and in short order. From this position of strength we can help others.


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