The millennial generation has inarguably brought its fair share of changes in both the private and public sectors in terms of their unique perspective on work life, the development of growing industries in the digital space and the ways in which they interact with charity. An organization titled “America’s Charities” knows the latter concept very well, by acting as a nonprofit organization that guides employers and members in order to promote charitable giving in the workplace.

In addition, America’s charities also educates individuals about capitalizing on tools, resources and other means of facilitation to effectively address employee engagement to hit the goal for volunteerism and/or charitable giving. As the millennial generation continues to enter into the workforce, these younger employees believe the companies they work for need to contribute more or give back to the community around them.

Furthermore, America’s Charities acts a functioning bridge which allows both employers and employees to find their specific, appropriate causes that align with their interests, along with the overall mission of the company. Supported by data conducted by America’s charities, various forms of charitable giving such as year-round donations, volunteering and overall incentives to participate in a charity have all increased from around ten to twenty percent from 2013-2015 alone.

Instead of seasonal giving which was previously the social norm among corporations, the way companies participate in charity has molded into what the employers are gearing towards, as seen by this statistic nearly doubling to 60%. In terms of matching employee contributions to a said cause, studies show that only around twenty eight percent of mid-size companies match their employee contributions while around sixty-five percent do.

Moreover, donating or volunteering by using a mobile device or participating in the digital space has become the primary way millennials are now contributing resources, time or funds to a philanthropic body or a charity. Another interesting foundation to look into is The Baxter Foundation’s Matching Gift Program which actually matches U.S. employee contributions up to 5k that focus on a charitable cause that is not affiliated with any religious or political agenda.

In relation to grant giving as a new way employees can or would like to participate in a cause, this organizational body has created an innovative way to incentivize charitable engagement by sponsoring a recognition based program. This program basically allows a volunteer who donated a substantial amount of time to enter into a draw with other participants with the winner receiving a grand to donate to a charity of their choice.

For more information as to how millennials are changing the niche of corporate giving check out this link. 

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