In terms of digital engagement, mobile devices have undoubtedly moved to the forefront of how consumers interact with everything from online shopping, news reading and participating in volunteer activities with philanthropic organizations. One study from the public relations firm Weber Shandwick states that mobile devices have become increasingly interconnected with not only the day to day work for many employees, but also in regards to speeding up the overall decision making process.

Since mobile device engagement is fundamental to a wide spectrum of employees, it is vital to actively entice users to participate in your volunteer causes by creating a social platform which allows them to holistically connect with the charity’s message in real time. This type of connection also provides a space where employees can access their company’s charitable opportunities or messages with the help of a technological platform that is a solid foundation for corporate social responsibility.

According to the data support in Weber Shandwick’s study, employees are interested in a company’s charitable platform to provide a space in which they can invite their external network to contribute to giving campaigns, collaborate with their colleagues in the office, give real-time feedback for volunteer goals or opportunities, and upload photos and messages in a “news feed” type of interface.

This essentially allows for a centralized platform in which employees can access all the latest occurrences of the company’s charitable endeavors, while also providing constructive feedback and planning for future philanthropic events with team members, friends, neighbors, etc. Moreover, this would create a digital atmosphere in which employees would be in constant communication as a means to better their charitable efforts in the community in which they work or reside.

One company, Causecast is actively merging both their volunteer platform into the mobile digital space as a response to employees’ demand to gain access of the volunteering sphere on their smartphones. Deep -rooted in a mentality that aims to strengthen the bond between the mobile sphere and company’s volunteer efforts, they have successfully Some useful mobile features include check in options, geo-assisted location opportunity listings and automation which allows employees to share or post their multiple volunteer experiences on social media.

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