One Voice One Team empowers youth to find their passions and interests and use them to make a difference in the lives of others. We equip youth to become the leaders of today and tomorrow. From Calgary and Edmonton in the west to Fredericton, NB in the east to First Nations Reserves in northern Quebec to inner city Chicago, One Voice One Team engages between 20,000 and 25,000 young people every year. Most of the work happens in the greater Toronto-Hamilton region. We need your help in raising $100,000 to increase that reach to 40,000 youth in 2017-18. That’s what this evening is all about.

Through assemblies, school programs and our “S.W.O.L.E.” Summer camps, One Voice One Team uses cognitive and physical activities to introduce and reinforce key success principles. “S.W.O.L.E.” is our flagship program and stands for: Self Respect, Work Hard, Overcome Adversity, Lead by Example and Excellence.

Become a part of the One Voice One Team movement in raising the standards in our homes, schools, and communities. Take the challenge and do what’s right, lead by example today.

Join The Movement!

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