Jay Leno supports philanthropic causes in a very diversified way, as many of the world’s most charitable do. The long time talk show host has made a comfortable living in front of the camera and has been dedicated to sharing that living with noble causes through the JDM Foundation. See below for key insights into his charitable inclinations.picture of jay leno on des hagues website

Jay Supports A Number of Colleges

While being an Emerson College alumnus, JDM has surprisingly not featured them as a recipient of a grant to date. Instead schools that have received grants include, Middlesex Community College, Boston University, McPherson College and Northeastern to name a few. Middlesex in particular has been the beneficiary of a $29,000 grant from the foundation and has featured Jay’s wife, Mavis as a commencement speaker. The Lenos also have spent nearly $160,000 in scholarship funding for nearly 100 female students.

A college after Jay’s heart is McPherson College in Kansas, where you will find the only BA in Restoration Technology. Jay’s love of classic cars draws him to this college and program in particular. With over 200 cars and motorcycles in his collection, Jay seems to enjoy supporting the folks who keep this industry alive.

Women’s Rights

Mavis is a prominent feminist in the state of California and the Leno’s involvement in the movement has seen donations been made to the Feminist Majority Party. Mavis sits on the board of the FMP and as Chair for their campaign for Afghan Women and Girls. Equality Now is another Human Rights organization that has received donation from the good natured Lenos. Adding to the list of colleges that have received grants, the Lenos have supported two of the original Seven Sister Schools in Wellesley College, and Mt. Holyoke College.

Jay has turned his TV and comedy success into an avenue to benefit those in need, and further the educational potential to countless students. Entertainers like him are impressive inside and out as they offer a generous helping hand.

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