Celebrity chef Mario Batali is a household name known for his skill in Italian cuisine, and restaurant entrepreneurship. Batali, along with colleague Joe Bastianich formed the B&B Hospitality group, which operates 22 locations nationally, and internationally. While Batali is most well-known as a master chef, he is also a long-time philanthropist. Batali is dedicated to a number of organizations, most of which aim to decrease hunger.


The Lunchbox Fund

Mario Batali is a member of the board of directors of the Lunchbox Fund. The Lunchbox Fund, founded in 2005, gives meals to students in the small, rural towns of Soweto, South Africa. South Africa is home to 12 million children, and 68% of them live below the national poverty level. The South African government has public feeding programs in place to feed the majority of children, but the reality is they only have the means to feed 8 million. The Lunchbox Fund strives to feed the remaining children. Students receive a nutritious meal daily, to foster their health, and encourage their educational development. After all, students cannot perform their best if they’re hungry. To contribute and learn more about The Lunchbox Fund, visit their website here.


Mario Batali Foundation

Michael Ruhlman, of The New York Times, asked Mario Batali which causes supports the most, and he responded, “Children’s disease research and relief, and hunger relief.” In 2008, Batali, and his staff founded the Mario Batali Foundation, with a mission to, “feed protect, educate and empower children.” The foundation wants to provide children the means for developing into influential members of society. To support the Mario Batali Foundation, visit their webpage, here.


The Food Bank For New York City

Mario Batali believes in relieving hunger at every level, be it locally, nationally or internationally. He has served on the board of the Food Bank For New York City, since 2003. Batali, along with his wife, organize the annual Can Do Awards Gala, which regularly raises more than $1 million for the organization. To learn more about the Food Bank For New York City, visit their site, here.


Mario Batali has used his passion for food, along with his entrepreneurial spirit, to benefit local and global communities. His dedication to ending hunger is wide-reaching and inspiring.


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