Even as Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheyrl Sandberg is certainly no stranger to the world of philanthropy. During her undergraduate career as a research assistant at the World Bank, she actively worked on humanitarian based projects improving health problems from leprosy to AIDS in India before her career at Google.

Recently, the Facebook COO is teaming up with DonorsChoose to give back to public schools across the country as part of the #BestSchoolDay campaign. The #BestSchoolDay campaign is a national fundraising movement, ensuring that students have the appropriate resources, opportunities and supplies to foster a successful environment within the classroom.

Sandberg has teamed up with the Charles Best, the founder and CEO of DonorsChoose.org to find the passion that drives students to excel, while also finding the necessary means to cultivate their academic potential.

The organization’s motto “connecting the public to public schools,” this charitable body has consistently seen the needs of schools and students in over 600,000 classroom project requests consisting of everything from robotics kits to butterfly cocoons to foster creativity for children.

Given her extensive philanthropic track record, the Facebook COO still strives to improve the public education system across the country as she strongly believes this is the foundational element for children to excel. “Education is everything. When children get the high quality education they deserve, it opens up a lifetime of choice and opportunity,” she said.

Sandberg has continued mark herself not only as a leading female professional in the tech industry, but also as a leading figure who has consistently shown generosity similar to wealthy charity advocates such as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. In 2012 alone, she gifted more than 400,000 Facebook stock to a disclosed charitable cause, further reaffirming efforts similar to CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

She has also signed the Giving Pledge, in which she will donate a majority of her acquired wealth in the tech industry to charitable causes such as education, global health and poverty. Moving forward as a primary force in Facebook’s development, Sandberg has been instrumental in terms of challenging and advancing the tech giant’s charitable vision as the company further grows in the social media market.

More than fifty professionals across a wide array of industries including actors, entrepreneurs and philanthropists have collaborated in order to cultivate the tools to guide children throughout the learning process in schools across the country.To learn more and join the conversation on Twitter, use the hashtag #BestSchoolDay to help a school in your community.

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