As companies are beginning to understand that employees are increasingly striving to engage in charitable work or social good in the workplace, a large number of international brands, organizations and global entities have made efforts to meet their employees’ needs. It is no surprise that companies across the board are changing their benefits strategy in order to offer their employees with incentives to get involved in their local communities, while also boosting the positive reputation for the companies they have affiliations with.

Moreover, even benefits packages are creating new, creative ways to meet the demands of employees across all ages to participate in volunteer opportunities or programs. According to Fortune’s study highlighting the “100 Best Companies to Work For,” a majority of brands and companies currently on the list offer PTO days to their employees to participate in ways to help the local and global communities.

Fortune’s list includes a spectrum of companies including, but not limited to, Google, Wegman’s Food Markets and Quicken Loans within the top ten companies that offer their employees the most ideal benefits, etc. In addition, Fortune also underlines the importance of volunteer based PTO days as it has shown to reduce employee turnover due to this newly designed channel in the company culture. The below list points out key global companies that offer their employees volunteer, PTO days throughout the year.

NuStar Energy
The San Antonio based company offers its employees around sixty hours a year of paid time to volunteer as a means for the brand to become more interconnected with the charitable causes in their surrounding areas. Haven of Hope, a charitable golf tournament that happens every year allows NuStar Energy employees to lead every step in planning the philanthropic event from start to finish.

Planning tasks such as decorating, getting sponsorships and essentially organizing the charitable golf tournament in every form. The event has continued to exhibit great success, with the charitable golf tournament raising over twenty seven million dollars to help homeless populations in the area within the last eight years.

Salesforce has strived for many years to not only make its mark as an original, fundamental company to carve out volunteer, PTO days for its employees, but this brand has additionally sought out a creative response if seven days are not used. For the employees that happen to not take those seven PTO days each year, the company continues to engage in charitable work by offering the individual a thousand dollar grant to give away to a charitable cause of their choice.

To support the Salesforce VP in his fight against Leukemia, employees have participated in what is called a “Light the Night Walk,” which aims to raise financial resources for Leukemia patients.

Novo Nordisk
The most philanthropic company that without a doubt tops the list, is the Danish pharmaceutical company called Novo Nordisk, which provides its employees with nearly three days more than the average philanthropic geared company. This company offers nearly ten days of paid time off to volunteer to its employees, which consists of around eighty hours. Framing itself as a community-based, charitable company with a strong mission to aid communities all over the world, Novo Nordisk offers employees a myriad of programs and resources to incentivize giving back.

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