As more and more companies are boosting their efforts to broaden philanthropic engagement, many are partaking in the #GivingTuesday campaign the week after Thanksgiving. Although there has been slow progress in this campaign in the few recent years, companies have gradually increased participation in this particular campaign in order to provide more meaning for their employees.

According to a recent study from the CECP, which is an organization dedicated to promoting charity among companies, an overwhelming number of for profit companies in their network partnered up to participate in this campaign. Companies laid out the #GivingTuesday campaign to not only increase the level of employee engagement, but also creating a foundation to explore other philanthropic areas for their brands.

“As the participation by business has grown dynamically, these company celebrations are increasingly engaging employees and partners to expand programs that draw from their skills and expertise,” said Daryl Brewster, the CECP’s chief executive officer.

Overall the past few years, the CECP has been working diligently to promote the #GivingTuesday campaign across a wide array of their company partners. The organization has collaborated with a range of companies to better match their missions and goals in accordance with charitable work that would align with the needs or opportunities of the employee base. Essentially, the combination of the organization’s commitment to the campaign, along with active company engagement with employees allowed this movement to become so successful last fall.

Also, in order to expand the overall reach of each campaign, many companies have successfully utilized various social media platforms to better connect with potential volunteers, while also strengthening the current volunteer or donor base.

To illustrate this point, companies drove engagement on various social media platforms by creating a friendly competition among employees, consumers or potential participants through what they called a “match challenge.” This match challenge allowed for participants to out-donate their friends or family, with social media as a fundamental way to share, like and review the donations occurring in real time.

Essentially, this friendly competition allowed for participants to track their donations in a way that was beneficial to their charitable needs, while also increasing overall positivity for a company affiliated with that particular campaign. Some of the companies that have taken part in the #GivingTuesday campaign with great success are the ones below who have shown great progress within the last year.

One company that donated a substantial amount of resources during last year’s #GivingTuesday campaign was JPMorgan, who surprisingly enough did not access social media to a great degree like companies such as AOL and Google. JP Morgan incentivized the #GivingTuesday campaign by not only donating to a charity of the winning state office’s choice, but also double-matched their employees’ donations to highlight how fundamental charity is placed in terms of the company’s future goals.

The JPMorgan Chase Foundation also double-matched employee donations up to two thousand dollars, which only further underlined positive progress in the company’s recent charitable history. To read more about how other big companies made strides in the #GivingTuesday campaign last fall, please click on this link.

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