America's Charities Releases New Research on Corporate Employee Engagement and Workplace Giving Trends. Des Hague Philanthropy BlogOver the years, employee-centered corporate philanthropy has become increasingly common.  Recently, America’s Charities, a federation of approximately 180 charitable organizations released new report findings including top corporate employee engagement and workplace giving trends. The report is titled, Snapshot 2015: The New Corporate DNA – Where Employee Engagement and Social Impact Converge. For more than a decade, America’s Charities has reported on trends, attitudes and perceptions in employee workplace giving. This blog post includes the latest findings from Snapshot 2015, released on December 10, 2015.

Snapshot 2015 dives into the top 6 trends of employee engagement and workplace giving regarding:

  1. Volunteerism:
    • Volunteerism is now the core around which companies are building employee engagement strategies and programs. Not only does it serve as a catalyzing force within companies but it is an on-ramp to full employee engagement and deepening partnerships with nonprofit organizations.
  2. Employee recruitment and retention strategies: 
    • Employee engagement has become a key ingredient in employee recruitment and retention strategies and it MUST be authentic. Anything else is considered superficial and inauthentic.
  3. Leadership involvement: 
    • Leadership MUST be involved in efforts to engage employees. Employee engagement and workplace giving programs MUST be woven into the fabric of a corporation’s identity.
  4. America's Charities Releases New Research on Corporate Employee Engagement and Workplace Giving Trends. Des Hague Philanthropy BlogInfluence of young professionals:
    • Millennials are here and they are company influencers. No other generation has entered the workforce with such high expectations of their employers. The barriers that separated life inside and outside the walls of the workplace have come tumbling down.
  5. Increasing expectations among small and mid-size companies
    • Engagement isn’t for just large companies. Small-to-mid-size companies now feel increased expectations to be more strategic in their philanthropy and empower their employees to give time, talent and money.
  6. Corporate-nonprofit alignment of goals
    • Companies can drive greater engagement but they need to align strategically to match corporate and employee interests with the genuine needs of nonprofit organizations.

Snapshot 2015 also examines the fast-moving evolution of employee engagement and workplace giving over the years, the critical role of technology platforms in engagement, workforce dynamics and changing expectations, the sharing economy in the social sharing age, and more. The report concludes with five recommendations for leaders who want to ensure that their programs are keeping pace with the trends identified in Snapshot 2015 as well as meeting employee expectations around engagement inside and outside the walls of the workplace.

View Top 6 Shifts in Corporate Philanthropy Slideshow Presentation 

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